2018 Speaker Series

Salish Cultural History

Darlene Peters


Thursday, August 2, 2018



College Instruction Center

William D. Harvey Theatre

OC Bremerton Campus

Speaker Series - Darlene Peters

Did you miss this great event? You can still view it online thanks to BKAT TV.

Come hear Darlene Peters, a S’Klallam tribal elder, discuss the culture and traditions of the Native American Coast Salish people. The journey begins in the mid-1800s when American culture actively discouraged Coast Salish traditions and ends with a modern-day social and cultural resurgence. How have the tribes survived as a people? What is life like for them in the 20th century? What are the cultural and social aspects that hold their society together in the age of technology?

DARLENE I. PETERS is a member of the S’Klallam tribe. Her lineage also includes the Suquamish and Skokomish tribes. A retired educator of 43 years, Darlene holds a Master’s degree in counseling and psychology from Lewis and Clark in Portland. Now retired, she served as an Olympic College Trustee for 11 years. She studies and teaches the art of traditional weaving to Tribal members. 

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