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lympic College students have had to roll with some pretty big punches this year – the abrupt shift to online learning, technical challenges, loss of jobs and childcare, homeschooling their children and more. Many are struggling to stay in school.

Stephanie familyThat’s why OC Foundation donors have stepped up, creating an emergency grant program and tripling our support for the college’s neediest students. At the same time, the Foundation has continued our core mission of awarding $300,000 in scholarships for the 20-21 school year.

One of the students who benefitted is Stephanie, a mother of three children younger than 5. COVID-19 hit her family hard. Her husband was out of work for two months and the bills quickly piled up. She contemplated dropping out of OC and looking for a job, but a $1,200 Johnson Emergency Grant took the pressure off until her husband went back to work. Stephanie stayed in school because of donors like you.

“My family will forever have hearts of gratitude and won’t take the opportunity provided us for granted.”

If this were a normal year, we’d be inviting you to our 25th Annual Community Luncheon on Monday, Oct. 12. You’d get to meet students like Stephanie and hear their stories firsthand. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere close to normal. So just like our students, we’re being flexible.

We’ve created a Flex-Fundraiser and we’re asking you to flex your support for OC students at

Whether it’s in-person or online, our fall fundraiser brings in more than a quarter of the Foundation’s annual budget and is critical to our continued support for OC students. Your gift today keeps OC students in school by providing scholarships, emergency grants, textbooks, equipment and more.

Flex your support. Here are three easy ways to give:

  • Click here to give online. It’s easy and secure.
  • Mail your donation to: Olympic College Foundation, 1600 Chester Ave., 5-513, Bremerton, WA 98337
  • Call us at 360-475-7120.

Click here to learn more about the students you’re supporting and to watch a video message from OC President Marty Cavalluzzi.

Thank you!

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